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Competition Dates

All of our competitions are 100% voluntary, although we do encourage all members to have a go. Competitions are not only an opportunity for members to interact with other clubs but also allow them to challenge themselves and be rewarded for all their hard work and dedication throughout the year.



Interclub competitions are where two or three clubs get together and compete. The clubs do not compete against each other on this day; rather, each individual competitor competes for themselves.

Places and other merits are given on the day.

This year we will be joined by our friends from Riverlands Club


Date & Venue TBC

Champion Girl/Lady


Champion Girl/Lady (Heats) is where each member competes as an individual, on behalf of the club. The date of competition will be determined by your age group.

On the day of 'heats' Competitors are split into their appropriate age groups and grades, they then compete for a spot in the Grand Final.

Champion Girl/Lady dates for 2018 TBC


*All other age groups will be allocated a competition date once registration numbers are confirmed.

 Competition Venue TBC

Team Competitions


Team competitions are open to girls aged 7 through to Ladies. This is where each club enters a group of girls/ladies, in their respective age groups, to compete against Teams from other clubs.

Team competitions (and heats) are held at the same venue and dates as the Champion Girl Competitions.

Please let your teacher know if you are interested in participating.

Grand Final


Grand Final is the biggest competition of the Physie year. This is where those that were selected by the judges at Champion Girl/Lady compete, in their age/grades, for the ultimate prize of being crowned Champion!

​Grand Final is held at the Joan Sutherland Centre​ on Date TBC

Tickets are allocated seating by pre-paid​ only and can be purchased through your club, or directly from the venue.


Club Competition


Club competition is a very relaxed competition. It is exclusively members from our club only. It is a final chance to show off the work learnt throughout the year and compete against each other (in their own age groups) one last time.

We also use club competitions as an opportunity to acknowledge the achievements and dedication of our members.

Club competitions are held at Cranebrook High School on (Date TBC)

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